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The Afsahi™ is an exclusive, minimal and luxury tea products. The brand is based in China , but regional chapters convene worldwide.


Once the brand strategy was sharp and real for everyone inside of the company, all the brand behavior started to roll out as stationary material.

Brand, Digital Products

We believe that humanity is capable, and has the ability to cooperate and support of the same kind.

Design & Strategy

De Eye ( D.i ) is a multidisciplinary agency that shapes ideas through clever and simple design solutions with functionality at its core. We are committed to create memorable brands that tell engaging stories through concept-driven design solutions. Our experience in design spans geographies and cultures, industries and business objectives. We dive deep into our client’s needs and follow a structured process that helps them accomplish their strategic goals through design.

مستــر کـلاس دیـزایــن، با هدف رهایی از سردرگمی دانشجویان و کار آموزان حوزه طراحی گرافیک و دیزاین قبل از ورود به بازار کار ایران و جهان طراحی شده است. در این دوره به سوالات اساسی شرکت کنندگان با دو رویکرد دانشی و تجربی پاسخ داده می شود.
اگر دغدغه وارد شدن به بازار ایران و جهان را به عنوان یک طراح دارید این دوره مناسب شماست. تفاوتی ندارد در چه مقطعی تحصیل کرده اید اگر این دغدغه و نگرانی همراه شماست این دوره برای رهایی شما طراحی شده است. 

ثبت نام مستر کلاس دیزاین


We are committed to create memorable brands that tell engaging stories through concept-driven design solutions


Our digital team working in close partnership to launch leading apps and websites for companies


Create and improve the right user experience to market your brand, connect it with your potential customers and establish a presence.

We believe in the power of two: thinking left and making right, strategy and design, People and planet, D and I.


In the words of our clients

Hamed did rebranding of our tech startup and we could not be more happy about the result. He is knows what he is talking about and not only understands he client very well, he even helped us getting a better understanding of our own brand. And he delivered the job almost 40% sooner than what we agreed! I hope our collaboration works for many more years and I would certainly recommend him to anyone wants to establish a solid brand identity for their company.

Sourena Nasrollahi
CEO, CO-Founder at OPTECS B.V.

''We compete against some of the creative design companies in the world. Nothing was impossible.”

Mr. Afsahi
CEO at kilok

Di was one of the most talented young team I have ever seen. The experience of working at a Canadian college has proven to me how much your attention to detail helps to advance projects. I wish them success all the time

Professor Akbar Manousi
Professor Emeritus at University of Ottawa