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One Color is Enough

The challenge will be designing a brand by 95% one color. Other 5% can be used to distinguish a name or a sketch

During the years that we have worked in different markets and industries, a common issue in many brand designs has always been shown up . . . the purpose of the design has been buried under a vibrant design using too many colours in.

Numerous designers, mistakenly, claim that by using one main colour in designs, they cannot provide an outstanding master-piece. Hence, design strategist of VAND INTERNATIONAL, do believe that a mono-colour design is not only one of the cheapest and the simplest ways of standing out among rivals, but also, in many designs, creating a greater influence, as well as, showing off the mastery of the designer.

‘’One Color Award’’ aims to prove this fact. The soul of the design should not be camouflaged by a hectic design. Thus, this month will give the opportunity to change the way of looking at an old and wrong belief, and faulty designs from entirely new angle.




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