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WDD2021- Design is not art

Designers today have a significant impact on the quality of life of many people. What separates design from art is its function. Design has entered the world of business and industry with the aim and function of problem solving. This attitude towards design, in addition to being more correct in the initial definition of design, is also more strategic and purposeful. For this reason, the design output is incomparable to art and, of course, more tangible. World Design Day, with the right goal, can correct this misconception of the public and convey the change of public attitude from “Design is art” to “Design is a problem-solving process” to the general public. On World Design Day, it is the responsibility of designers to provide the right attitude to design by providing extensive information to the general public. Designers are constantly suffering and sometimes frustrated by the fact that the customer understands what they offer. Therefore, this day can be a decisive role to increase public awareness so that the image of design in the minds of the audience from an aesthetic and taste point of view to a vision of a solution-oriented and problem-oriented process. What separates a professional designer from an amateur designer today is this professional responsibility and adherence to the right design standards in any project. A professional designer does not conform to the basic design standards, but rather behaves like an avant-garde fighter. If we consider ourselves professionals, we must consider the impact of our work more than the customer and the personal end user. We are responsible for the social, cultural and environmental costs of our professional actions. Design is not art; design is a problem-solving process. Hamed Nekoukhou - Medium.com - 27 April 2021

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